Disciples Making Disciples

Who is a Young Gun?

It is probably a given that you have heard or used this term before in modern American culture.
Thanks to the widely popular 1988 movie Young Guns a factious movie about the young outlaws of the Wild West. The film quickly spread the term through the US and it became used for other things and people in our society. Some use “Young Guns” as a way of describing up and coming talent in a culture, industry, sport or entertainment sect. Each uniquely different but all having the same basic meaning.
For instance in sports, The Atlanta Braves pitching staff consisted of 4 pitchers in the early 1990s that were considered to be “ahead of their time” because great pitchers had be to older than 25 to be “good” according to the baseball experts. In 1991 the 5 pitchers referred to were Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, Steve Avery, Kent Merker and Mike Stanton. They were considered Young Guns.
Brett Favre, Michael Vick, Donavan McNabb, Peyton Manning and the list goes on of Quarterbacks that were once given the signature nickname of “Young Gun”. The list continues into sports such as Soccer, Hockey and Basketball. This term is so widely popular that the “.com” boom most of the CEO’s of the Internet world were called Young Guns.
This term has also had its share of negativity to it as well. As we have seen the gang culture uses this term to up and comers with their ranks. Or others have used it as a way to promote their own violent behavior.
In the truest since of the term it is meant to establish that the person/persons referred to as Young Gun is able to rival a much more experienced person in their realm.

Our Declaration

I am an active participant with the “Young Gunz” Discipleship Program. This is a brotherhood that holds me accountable to grow in my faith, develop lasting friendships and become a servant-leader that will influence change.

Our Definition of a Disciple

A disciple is one that:
• Follows Christ
• Is being changes by Christ
• Is committed to helping Jesus fulfill his mission

Our Calling

As “Young Gunz” we have been called to:
1. Live out our Born Identify in Christ
2. Embrace and expand the Brotherhood of Coaches
3. Be prepared to engage in the Battle for godliness, justice, peace and righteousness.

“Disciples Making Disciples”

Our Prayer of Devotion

Dear Lord Jesus,
Help me to remember to live this day as a chosen and loved member of the family of God.
Give me the courage to do what’s right even when it hurts and to hold my brothers accountable to do the same.
Grant me the wisdom and opportunities to invite others to become Christians and
expand the body of Christ by making disciples.
I declare today that my family, community and world will be different because I choose to become a coach that prays, reads, worships, fellowships and serves.

Why are we Young Gunz?

Our goal is to help young men (ages 13-18) become Young Gunz of the faith, to disciple them to become servant leaders in their churches, schools, communities and homes. Christ has called us all to be leaders, however some haven’t not been listening. Others that have been listening do not have the foundation to yet build from to create the heart of a servant leader and they are tuning out before they ever get started in their walk with Christ. Our purpose is to pour into these young men and help them grow so that they can pour into the generations behind them to and help grow and build an institution of men disciplining men and growing in Christ Jesus. So that our future generations have a strong Christian foundations. Young Gunz are the future generations coming to fruition earlier than expected but always at the time needed.

"Feed the Spirit not the Flesh"