Disciples Making Disciples

Who is Young Gunz?

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Why Are We Young G.U.N.Z?

Our goal is to help young men (ages 13-18) become Young Gunz of the faith, to disciple them to become servant leaders in their churches, schools, communities and homes. Christ has called us all to be leaders, however some haven’t not been listening. Others that have been listening do not have the foundation to yet build from to create the heart of a servant leader and they are tuning out before they ever get started in their walk with Christ. Our purpose is to pour into these young men and help them grow so that they can pour into the generations behind them to and help grow and build an institution of men disciplining men and growing in Christ Jesus. So that our future generations have a strong Christian foundations. Young Gunz are the future generations coming to fruition earlier than expected but always at the time needed.

“Disciples Making Disciples”